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Intruder Alarms

Intruder systems are now widely used in residential as well as commercial properties.

Because most burglars admit that they look for the easier option of properties without security alarms first. The risk of being caught is far lower.

The advance in technology has made "simple" alarms available to all and it is practically impossible for intruders to get past without setting them off.

An alarm system that has been correctly designed and installed to the highest standards, when combined with sensible crime prevention techniques is almost unbeatable. And at Firefly we design all intruder alarm systems from a comprehensive Security Risk Assessment of your premises that is tailored to your bespoke requirements.

Every system installation that is also compliant to the current British and European standards and industry best practice. Plus it's not just the benefit of higher security, having an alarm system will probably also reduce your insurance premiums. (Check with your Insurer).

A saving that could potentially soon repay the cost of installing an intruder alarm. At Firefly that cost is from as little as £475. (See Below)

But there are a couple of things to understand about alarm systems. This mini guide is meant to explain some of the features of the different systems we install.

There are two main types of alarm system - Wired and Wireless or Radio alarm systems.


A main control panel which contains the processors and electronic circuits, is connected to a keypad and an external sounder by low voltage wires, which are monitored by "tamper" circuits to prevent them being cut. Further wires are needed to connect the mains power and the telephone line. All security devices are also wired back to the control panel. The cables are concealed within the fabric of the building and do not generally get seen, it's a mark of pride for an installer to hide the cables. Costs from £675!


  1. Expected system life of 20 years +
  2. Extremely reliable, very few problems.
  3. Cheap to maintain, the back up battery is the only real serviceable replacement part.


  1. Difficult to change and modify once installed.
  2. Causes some disruption to install.
  3. Expensive in labour to install.

Wireless systems

Using Government licensed radio frequencies, so as to not interfere or be interfered with by other electric/radio devices. The control panel, which normally contains the interface or keypad, is connected to the security devices by Radio waves. This frees you from having cables concealed in your property except for mains power supply and possibly the phone line, Mobile phone type communicators available though. Costs from £475! (See Below)


  1. Ease of installation.
  2. Minimal disturbance during installation.
  3. Very easy to change layout, after installation.


  1. Must be well maintained and batteries changed as required (usually about every 2 years).
  2. Expected system life of 10-12 years only.
  3. Can be expensive in parts, but cheaper in labour to install.

Commercial systems

Most security systems for commercial properties tend to be wired, due to the design and finish of commercial or industrial properties. This is mostly due to the important nature of a commercial system to integrate with other systems, like CCTV, access control, fire alarm or asset protection/tracking solutions.

Intruder Alarm for only £475!

The market leading Visonic PowerMax is the complete home security system, ideal for the home or small office.

An Easy-View LCD display and icon-based keypad offers commands with audible prompts that are easily learned with a system that is controllable in-house, remotely and by mobile phone for total flexibility.

Massively extendible, you can add up to 32 motion detectors over different rooms and include other important safety alerts such as fire and CO alarms.

Included in our great value £475 package:-

  • Control Panel with built in power supply.
  • Wireless Passive Infrared motion detector x 2
  • Wireless door contact.
  • Wireless keyfob for aiming and disarming x 2
  • Proximity tag for contactless set and unset x 2
  • Wireless external sounder box - Audio and Visual
  • Dummy external siren box.
  • Broadband filter.
  • Remote, mobile or in-house control.
  • System professionally fitted by the experts at Firefly.

And we'll look after you once the alarm has been fitted.

  • 24 hour call out service.
  • 1 FREE Annual maintenance visit

You can even choose to spread the cost with our easy payment option. One upfront cost of £199 followed by a monthly £23 direct debit for 12 months!

No wires, no mess, no fuss. For information about this excellent security system, and a FREE Firefly survey of your home or business, call us on 01536 373733 today.

Visionic Powermax Intruder Alarm system


The Close Circuit Tele Vision (CCTV) system technology has advanced faster then any other part of electronic security, it's almost impossible to believe we were recording black and white images onto VHS tapes, only 8 years ago! And then watching them on huge clunky Cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors.

And it is the advancement in digital media that means CCTV is now accessible to all - you can integrate it with your door bell or watch it on your normal home TV. It's so flexible that you even watch and control a CCTV camera from anywhere in the world on your smartphone or tablet PC.

Link that with audible and the possibilities are enormous. But there are also many other practical applications for CCTV coverage:

ANPR- Automatic Number Plate Recognition. Brilliant to link to your parking and access control solution. Analogue or IP networked, the choice is yours.

Fire safety - One of the latest developments for CCTV is in fire detection, using cameras to spot smoke and flames. Receiving confirmation of a fire or verifying a false alarm.

POS-Point of Sale - link CCTV into your retail system, to check on customers and staff and aid stock control/complaints etc.

Inside or out, for whatever or wherever you are thinking of using a CCTV camera system, contact Firefly for your FREE consultation and survey.

fire safety equipment


Firefly have monitoring your security system all sorted out as well.

We can connect the vast majority of our systems including CCTV to a digital or analogue phone line, a mobile or mobile type communicator and a typical internet/network connection.

This service enables your system to signal a tripped alarm to a mobile, family or friends, a key holding service or to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) calling Police or Fire Brigade as required. Giving you peace of mind, 24/7/365! (extra charges and procedures apply for monitoring)

Firefly can even provide the monitoring for you with intruder and fire alarms monitored from as little as £60 per year. And CCTV monitoring, which needs constant attention, we can also supply at very competitive prices. Please ask for a quotation.

Access Control

Controlling who you let into your grounds or premises and where. We can design and install anything from a single door to a multi door, multi-site, solution and integrate it as required. Access Control systems can also be utilised as a time and attendance solution, even including biometric fingerprints readers.

The possibilities are endless and we can build you a bespoke system, call today for a no obligation quote.

fire safety equipment

Gates and Barriers

Motorise and Power your gates or restrict access to private areas. Our Automation systems can provide you with the best solutions, whether thats automatic rising barriers, swing or sliding gates or bollards. It is a totally customer specific design tailored to you and your site.